Friday, May 15, 2009

The Mythology

Like all human activites and actions, there are many stories about firearms and their use. And like all human activities and actions, many of the stories are just that, stories, without any factual basis. Sometimes these stories become a part of the activity itself, and thus is born a myth. Our goal is to identify the myths, and discuss a rational understanding of the facts.
Target focus or aimed fire?
9mm or .45ACP?
Chamber empty or chamber loaded?
Shoot when you can or shoot when you must?
Civil rights or acting civil?
Liberty or law?
All these and more are a part of the mythology of the firearms world. What do you think, and what are the facts? Let the games begin!


  1. You can't get expansion from a JHP out of a 2" barrel unless you use +P ammo... Or you need at least 1000 fps before you see expansion...

    These are myths. I've tested various premimum and WWB 147 grain JHP STD VELOCITY ammo out of my 2" S/W 940 snub into wet pack and all expand beautifully. The real issue is penetration! But that's another subject

  2. Great concept for a blog. Not a bad name either! Looking forward to what's ahead.

  3. This is a great site and I love the subject. First, Target focus, definitely! My P97 is a first choice, but the PF-9 is an everyday carry. Chamber loaded, always! Only when you must. Acting civil because "they" aren't. My Liberty will end when the 'Law' comes to take my home and personal defense.
    That is my 2 cents, I bow to greater expertise.

  4. I just found you blog wow nice, different. Not the main stream thought that you find in the print mags. Very refreshing.