Monday, October 5, 2009


I debated this segment for a while, but a recent posting finally convinced me that we need to point out some of the absolute nonsense that passses for intelligence on the internet, especially as it relates to guns and gunfighting. Every now and then somebody posts something that is so inane, so ridiculous, it rises above the usual and deserves to be pointed out to others. Think you have run across something that fits? Send me a copy with the source information and let me know if you want your name attached to it as having outed some INTERNET INSANITY!


  1. From "MAD DOG" at Tactical Forums, 10-03-09:
    "FWIW: John Farnam and Mas Ayoob are both about as qualified to teach self defense as they are to teach underwater basket weaving."
    ---and this little jewel---
    "We can leave to bloviating ponces like Ayoob the endless dissertations on "legality" as some might imagine it relates to survival."

    Seems some dog is barking up the wrong tree. While not everyone may agree with everything Mas and John say, to suggest that two of the top trainers in the business know little about self defense is internet insanity at its best. Of course, suggesting that understanding legal issues is not a part of the survival paradigm these days is more than insane, it shows a disinct lack of understanding about the reality of self defense.

  2. Posted @, thankfully the user delted it himself, he was a later banned.

    "John Lott is full of it. Lying and making things up doesn't help our cause. Makes us look like stooges."

  3. Lott's work is certainly open to discussion, and as a researcher myself I have a few problems with some of his conclusions. However, his work has been subjected to some of the most intense scrutiny of any social science research. Part of the problem comes from a number of folks taking Lott's work and claiming it says things it doesn't. But given the rigor with which the actual research has stood up to detractors, I agree with the poster: Saying that Lott is lying and making things up is pretty insane!